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Cybersecurity For RIAs: Everything You Need To Know (But Were Afraid To Ask!)

Cybersecurity is an existential issue for RIAs and Broker-Dealers. Our expert webinar tackles the key questions for which you really need to know the answers.

Could your firm recover from the loss of reputation and clients following a security breach that results in private information being compromised or funds being stolen? RIAs and broker-dealers that fail to develop adequate cybersecurity defences and procedures are putting the very existence of their business is at risk.

You might consider such a breach to be a rare event, but the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) reports that 74% of advisors and 88% of broker-dealers have been subjected to an external attack. Clearly the vast majority of these fail, but it only takes one successful attempt to compromise highly sensitive data that could put your firm at risk of SEC fines and ruinous reputational damage.

6/12/15 1:57 PM / by Sam Attias posted in Cloud Desktop, Cybersecurity, Webinar