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Cloud Technology Blog for RIAs and Broker-Dealers

10 Things to Consider Before Moving Your IT To the Cloud

Cloud computing is providing RIAs and Broker-Dealers with a cost-effective, low-hassle means of enhancing the capabilities of their IT infrastructure at the same time as resolving business-critical issues, such as regulatory compliance, security and remote access.

8/31/15 12:21 PM / by Justin Kapahi posted in Financial, Cloud Desktop, Cloud Computing


5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Help Your RIA Or Broker-Dealer Business To Grow

The business world is usually quick to adopt new technologies that enable it to be more innovative, efficient, and profitable. All manner of industries are reaping precisely these rewards following their investment in the latest in information technology: cloud computing. IT infrastructure and services delivered over the Internet – the basis of cloud computing – are helping businesses to accelerate growth by facilitating more flexible and productive ways to work at the same time as reducing the expense and distraction of managing technology.

8/28/15 9:38 AM / by Justin Kapahi posted in Financial, Cloud Desktop, Cloud Computing


Cybersecurity Remains An SEC Compliance Priority. Is Your Firm Ready For An Exam?

How did your firm compare with the RIAs and broker-dealers who were examined as part of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) cybersecurity sweep? The findings, published earlier this year by the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE), revealed plenty of good practice but also that it is patchily applied.

8/14/15 10:00 AM / by Justin Kapahi posted in Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Compliance, SEC


US Government Password Leak Highlights The Benefit Of Two-Factor Authentication for Financial Services Firms

In a recent blog post we offered guidance on how to write a secure password. It’s sound advice: every RIA, broker-dealer and asset manager reading this would do well to make it company policy. However, a new report by Recorded Future, a data mining firm, has highlighted the inherent inadequacies in IT security based on a single password – no matter how carefully constructed.

7/7/15 3:43 PM / by Justin Kapahi posted in Case Study, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing


Cut the commute, increase productivity: the win-win scenario for mobile working

Commuting is awful, right? Whether it’s time wasted behind the wheel of a car, or while being jostled on packed trains and busses, it all has to be endured twice a day and the only variation is the amount of additional minutes consumed by traffic jams or disrupted transit networks. What’s not to hate?

7/2/15 1:46 PM / by Justin Kapahi posted in Financial Services, Cloud Computing, Mobile Working


Hurricane Season Is Upon Us. Are Your Business Continuity Plans Up To Scratch?

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy a triumvirate of financial services regulators recommended remote access as “an important component of business continuity planning.”

The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30. High winds and flooding regularly threaten the business-critical transport, power and telecommunications networks up and down the Eastern Seaboard, but the many RIAs and Broker-Dealers situated in the North East of the US have tended to avoid the worst of most storms.

That was not to be the case with Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The largest storm on record made landfall on October 29 at Brigantine, New Jersey. Over the next few days she would wreak havoc across New York, New Jersey and much of New England. The headlines were dramatic: 160 lives lost, thousands of homes and business premises destroyed, millions without power for several days, and a total repair estimate of $60 billion.

6/2/15 11:28 AM / by Justin Kapahi posted in Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery


Key Features RIA's and Broker-Dealers Should Look for in Cloud Computing and Why They Matter

Take a quick look at the figures and you’re left with little room for doubt: the cloud computing market is expanding rapidly and permanently displacing onsite IT infrastructure.

Standing out among the stats reported in early 2015 on Forbes.com is a graphic from Computerworld. It contrasts the 42% of companies expecting to increase spending on cloud computing in 2015 against 24% expecting to decrease spending on hardware. Significantly, hardware is the only area of tech spending to report a significant decrease. 

5/21/15 5:40 PM / by Sam Attias posted in Cloud Desktop, Cloud Computing


Good password policy for RIAs and Broker-Dealers, part 2

In part one of this blog post we looked at how to write and implement a password policy that makes your firm compliant with the regulations that apply to RIAs and Broker-Dealers. In this follow up, we’ll help you with one of the most important aspects of that policy: how to write and maintain strong passwords.

What makes a password weak?

Remembering passwords is a fact of modern life. You might be willing to risk using one that easily memorable for something trivial like an online magazine subscription, but you simply cannot afford to take such a gamble with sensitive or valuable client and business data. And yet, it’s a safe bet that if you’ve not provided guidance, some of your employees will be using dangerously weak passwords.

5/13/15 2:53 PM / by Justin Kapahi posted in Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing